Rabbit G’n Wild – winner of European Superpull in Ahoy

Photo by janwerners Pulling-Bilder

Rabbit G’n Wild - winner of the biggest European indoor tractor pulling event.

The Super Stock class was the opening act at the competition in Ahoy this weekend. Rabbit G’n Wild was ready and in good shape and made a convincing full pull in the first qualification round. In total 7 tractors made it to the final. The red Rabbit was number 4 to go and made a good pull – 62.11 metres taking the lead with the best distance. None of the remaining 3 competitors were able to beat the distance set by the red Rabbit, and so the it took the victory in the Super Stock class.

Indoor champ 2015
In all competitions it has participated in in 2015 Rabbit G’n Wild has won, and therefore it now also holds the title “Indoor champ 2015”.

The competition in Ahoy is the last indoor competition this season.