26 February 2017

Massey Ferguson, Michelin and Grégoire-Besson demonstrate how good design drives efficiency

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Three French manufacturers are putting on a special joint display at the SIMA Show, in Paris from 26th February to 2nd March 2017, where they will explain how their close co-operation delivers tangible benefits for farmers.

Massey Ferguson is joining with fellow leading French manufacturers, Michelin and Grégoire-Besson, to demonstrate how advanced engineering designs combine to improve field performance for farmers.

“No machine works in isolation on a farm, so working closely with colleagues makes sense and helps us all to develop our technology,” says Campbell Scott. “This autumn we jointly examined the potential to reduce compaction and increase traction when ploughing with a Grégoire-Besson plough pulled by a MF 8730 tractor, equipped with completely new Michelin tyres.

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