MF 7100
140-180 HP

MF 7100

Work Efficiently

Developed for mixed farmers

The MF 7100 Series boasts a variety of highly advanced technology designed for the modern farmer, as well as ensuring that costs are kept low while productivity is high. All this is achieved while still ensuring maximum comfort for the operator.

Key Features

  • Horsepower
  • Platform or
  • Max. Lift capacity
    4700 Kg
    Fuel tank capacity
    420 L
  • AGCO Power Engine
    6.6 L
    12F x 5R


Model Engine Capacity ISO hp* kW
MF 7140 6 Cyl. turbo AGCO POWER 6.6 litre 140 103
MF 7150 6 Cyl. turbo AGCO POWER 6.6 litre 150 111
MF 7170 6 Cyl. turbo AGCO POWER 6.6 litre 170 125
MF 7180 6 Cyl. turbo AGCO POWER 6.6 litre 180 132

* ISO TR14396 @ 2200 rev/min


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