Massey Ferguson launches the MF 3700 Series – the new generation of vineyard, specialist and fruit tractor

Massey Ferguson is proud to announce the introduction of the new specialist MF 3700 Series, which is due to be launched at Agritechnica, 12-18th November in Hannover, Germany.

This outstanding specialist tractor range offers the best business solution for vineyard, fruit, orchard and hill farmers. It represents a top quality, yet straightforward machine, providing high performance, superb fuel efficiency, extreme comfort and versatility.

An extended series of tractors offers ranges dedicated to each specialist farming category, and now includes a brand new Wide Fruit model with a wider chassis for greater stability, also ideal for hillside vineyards and livestock farms with sloping fields.

The MF 3700 Series offers extensive updates and improvements over its predecessor, the MF 3600 Xtra, which itself set new standards for specialist tractors.

“Farmers whose high value crops and challenging terrain present additional demands will enjoy even higher levels of specification, which can be precisely tailored to meet their individual requirements,” comments Campbell Scott, Director, Marketing Services Massey Ferguson Europe and Middle East. “In addition they will benefit from the extensive knowhow of our specialist engineers who have worked extremely hard on this impressive new range.”

MF 3700 Series tractors are equipped for optimum performance with powerful four-cylinder, stage 3B new generation engines, hydraulic flow increased to a maximum of 120l/min and the option of a fully integrated factory-fitted front linkage, PTO and front loader frame, allowing a wider range of specialist implements to be utilised.

Low operating costs are offered by the fuel efficient engines, extended 600hr service intervals, a bigger fuel tank, and an improved hood access for refuelling.

Operator comfort is assured during even high pressure planting and harvest periods with a quiet and spacious cab, easy to use controls, automated functions and easy access.

Forward visibility is enhanced by the lower bonnet height offered by fitting the emissions control system neatly at the side of the bonnet. The MF 3700 Series also gains the family styling with a new hood featuring the iconic ‘MF’ signature.

The new MF 3700 Series features five ranges:

  • V = Vineyard – for use in traditional narrow vineyards, now benefiting from a top speed of 40kph
  • S = Special – for more open vineyards with a slightly wider chassis and a more spacious cab
  • F = Fruit – for use in more extensive vineyards and fruit orchards; a more substantial tractor with a wider front axle and more spacious cab
  • GE = Ground Effect (low profile) for use under trees, in polytunnels and in canopied vineyards, this version benefits from a wider front axle for even greater stability
  • WF = Wide Fruit – a wider tractor for use in orchards, also ideal for alpine farms, hillside vineyards and livestock operations. It offers a low centre of gravity and greater stability on slopes with a wider front and rear axle and a more spacious cab.