2016 started well for the Rabbit Pulling Team

The year started well for Rabbit G'n Wild. During the winter the tractor has undergone inspection and preparation for this season that started in Zwolle on January 23rd 2016, where it came 3rd place.

This year Rabbit G’n Wild will once again participate in the Euro Cup series, and we will follow it along the way. The red rabbit will be running next in Ahoy in Netherlands on March 5th, and we look forward to seeing the results.

As mentioned, the winter time was spent with inspections, repairs and making the red rabbit ready for the coming season. "We mounted new pistons and liners in the engine, and we had it totally disassembled in order to give it a full health check. Even though we were well prepared we had some trouble with the turbo in Zwolle: the turbo simply gave up. Despite that, we managed to get a very respectable 3rd place, and if we haven’t had the problem with the turbo, I am sure that we would have done even better” says Henrik Svenningsen, from Rabbit Pulling Team.

"Now we have created a new model turbo, so we are eager to see how this will work. Off course, it is now a bit bigger, but we just hope that it can do the job" says Henrik.

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