Danish ‘Rabbit G'n Wild’ wins international competition in Holland

In January the world's strongest MF 8700, Rabbit G'n Wild, took first place in the season's first indoor tractor pulling competition in Zwolle in the Netherlands.

The relatively new tractor competed against some of Europe's most powerful Super Stocks, so the competition was fierce.

In the first round Rabbit G'n Wild made a full pull (90 meters), and in the final against 3 other machines set a distance to beat of 83.25 metres.

The other competitors didn’t get close to Rabbit G’n Wild. Rabbit won with more than 10 meters to the closest competitor, Zapo - A New Holland from the Netherlands that managed 73.18 metres. In 3rd place came Terminator (black IH) with 70.53 meters, and the last one in the final was Green Gangster Deere that had to stop due to technical issues at 37 metres.

To see the video from the competition on YouTube, please click here

Background about the newly built tractor and the team behind it:

Rabbit G'n Wild is owned by Henrik Svenningsen and Ilse Korsager who run the Rabbit Pulling team in Denmark. They built the MF 8737 in 2014. It is most powerful MF 8700 in the world, with 4,000 hp at 7,000 rpm and it is the only MF Super Stock tractor puller in Europe.

Henrik Svenningsen built the 4,000 hp engine himself, and the chassis was built in the US. The Danish dealer, Hjallerup Maskinforretning, sent the bonnet to the US where the chassis was built in order to get it adapted to fit the chassis.

Ilse Korsager is the main driver of the MF 8737.

We look forward to seeing the most powerful MF tractor in action in more competitions in 2015. It is already booked for several competitions and shows around Europe.

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